Students left in limbo as Seevic College cancels A-level courses halfway through due to low numbers

Echo News is reporting that Seevic college is cancelling four A-level courses with students halfway through the course. 

Seevic College, in Thundersley, has written to students to tell them that French, Spanish, Religious Studies and Philosophy will not be running from the next academic year.

It means those who have already sat their AS level in the subjects will not be able to work towards a full A level.

An angry parent, whose son hoped to study philosophy at university, said the decision could ruin the teenager’s future.

“He was hoping to get a place at Oxford to do Philosophy but the school has destroyed his chances of this.

“The school is adamant that this is the right thing to do, but why can’t they let him finish the course and then cancel it?”

It is understood 12 students are affected by the four discontinued courses.

Dan Pearson, principal and chief executive of Seevic College, said: “A small number of students affected have been invited to discuss an alternative programme in the coming weeks with the head of sixth form.

“This decision is in line with most Further Education providers across the country in order to meet Government guidelines around recommended class sizes.

More at: Students left in limbo as Seevic College cancels A-level courses halfway through due to low numbers

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  1. Simon Foster

    This is a funding decision and nothing to do with class sizes.

    The Governing Body should hold their heads in shame.  This proposal would have been thrown out by the GB in my school

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