Students ‘furious after free iPad offer withdrawn’ by school

The Telegraph is reporting that children who were promised a free iPad by their school if they performed well in exams are furious after the offer was withdrawn – after a year of hard work…

Pupils were each given tablets and were told that if they went up a whole grade in the SATS exams this summer then they could keep them…

But some have been left in tears after being told just three weeks before the tests they are too expensive and they needed to give them back.

The school has now been accused of bribing the children and some pupils now said they won’t sit the exams as a result of being “lied to”…

Roger Green, executive principal at Treverbyn Academy, said: “Our understanding is that the offer was originally made to the previous year’s Year 6 by the former head teacher…

“Although the offer was made in good faith and with the right intentions, when we came in as the new leadership team we felt that it was inappropriate.

“Our aim is to reward all the children for their hard work, as this ensures fairness and equality.

“A school trip is something that the children can share together and enjoy long-lasting memories.”

More at: Students ‘furious after free iPad offer withdrawn’


The local Western Morning News also puports to have a photo of the letter home from the school: iPad U-turn leaves school children upset


Oh dear – something appears to have gone badly wrong here. No doubt it could be a miscommunication but it seems very late in the day for an apparent change in the policy.

Also, I get the point they are making, but an equal reward to all undermines the value of incentive doesn’t it?

Your thoughts on what’s happened here and what you would advise the school to do next?

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  1. LummyLady

    children not of the age of majority I’m afraid so not legal but talk about breaking promises and trust in teachers!

  2. Davidh88

    A promise is a promise. The person who promised it should have their knuckles wrapped but it is not the children’s fault. They should honour the promise and then change the policy for next year.
    Children would have been speaking about this promise and prospect of receiving an iPad all year in school and so it’s been left a long time to sort out.

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