Students could benefit more in their careers, and life, if they got financial literacy lessons at university

The Independent is reporting that student would benefit from financial literacy lesson to help with students debts.

The Government needs to change its approach on how it prepares the next generation for life in the world’s fifth largest economy, where the gap between the rich and poor is forever growing. From articulating the meaning of bank terminology to providing pupils with an understanding of how to invest their money across a variety of easy-to-use assets, students need a more thorough comprehension of money. Seriously.

Former City trader, Michael Jarman, explained how a lack of financial knowledge is even affecting students’ understanding of the political sphere.

Jarman said: “It should 100 per cent be compulsory. Consider the Brexit debate and the state of the economy: students don’t understand the ramifications of a potential Brexit, as many people don’t understand finance unless they study for a degree. Finance affects everything; house prices, interest rates, inflation, even how much money you have to spend on holiday after converting your money. Unfortunately, there’s a lack of understanding and it is, without a doubt, affecting students.” 

More at: Students could benefit more in their careers, and life, if they got financial literacy lessons at university

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  1. JaneCo94

    SchoolsImprove Surely the time for financial literacy is before you agree to take on those debts #studentdebt

  2. JaneCo94 SchoolsImprove It should be part of the curriculum.  Even primary schools could discuss finances – making ends meet via a discussion on pocket money, for example.  
    As well as financial literacy, school pupils also need to be taught basic statistics so are not taken in when dodgy data appears in the media or slips from the tongues of politicians.

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