Strike to hit more than 2,700 schools in England today, unions say

More than 2,700 schools in the north-west of England are facing disruption today as staff take part in a one-day strike over pay and pensions, unions say. This is from the BBC…

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) and the NASUWT say 2,765 schools will be affected in 22 local authorities.

The unions warn of more regional strikes and a national one-day walkout across England and Wales in the autumn.

The Department for Education said the action was disappointing and would damage the profession’s reputation.

The unions say Thursday’s strike has been “timed to avoid disruption of any public examination”.

The action is in protest at the introduction of more performance-related pay, changes to teachers’ pensions with higher contributions, and later retirement and increased workload.

‘Damage profession’s reputation’

Further regional strikes are expected after the summer holidays, followed by a national one-day strike in England and Wales before Christmas.

Education Secretary Michael Gove wrote to both unions in March to say he was willing to meet them to discuss their dispute, but also insisting that the “direction of travel” on both their key issues was “fixed”.

A Department for Education spokesperson said: “Industrial action will disrupt pupils’ education, hugely inconvenience parents and damage the profession’s reputation in the eyes of the public at a time when our reforms are driving up standards across the country.

“It is disappointing that the NUT and NASUWT are opposing measures to allow heads to pay good teachers more. We have met frequently with the NUT and NASUWT to discuss their concerns and will continue to do so.”

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Are you a teacher, parent or governor involved in a school that is being affected by this strike? What kind of reaction is it getting on the ground? Is the wider community supportive of the action or angry at the disruption? Please share in the comments below, on Twitter or by using this form 

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