Stressed primary pupils not eating and some smoking cigarettes before SATs

The Sun is reporting a study into primary school children undertaking SATs last year which found that nearly half were so nervous they couldn’t eat beforehand and some were even smoking cigarettes…

Primary school children are under such pressure to do well in SATS exams that they are using energy drinks and even cigarettes to cope, new research reveals.

Pupils aged ten and 11 are sitting the exams this week, which test them on knowledge of the National Curriculum.

A study of those who sat the test last year found 43 per cent could not eat beforehand, because they felt so nervous — while 2.5 per cent relied on energy drinks.

And one in 200 did not eat at all — but went into the exam having only smoked cigarettes.

Child psychology expert Emma Kenny from cereal firm Kellogg’s, which carried out the study, said: “They’re clearly not getting the vital emotional and practical support they need through a stressful time.”

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  1. chillisalsa

    SchoolsImprove My KS2 son has been denied the opportunity to sit his SATs – he scores highly and works at Level 6 but school would not >>

  2. chillisalsa

    SchoolsImprove >> confirm a place for him! Our abilities, education, health, happiness, opportunities, rights all stripped from us here>>

  3. chillisalsa

    SchoolsImprove >>appalling to destroy people’s lives like this, isn’t it?There surely was no valid reason 4 school 2 deny child opportunity

  4. CarolannCheese

    SchoolsImprove schools shouldn’t transfer their stress to the Y6! Ofsted etc not their problem!

    • SchoolsImprove

      CarolannCheese yes – if the kids are so stressed, where is that coming from and is it not possible for SATs to be taken w/o it?

      • CarolannCheese

        SchoolsImprove it should be possible almost not to mention them. But schools hype parents up too.(my y6 in bed early!)

        • SchoolsImprove

          CarolannCheese Would be interesting to hear from schools that keep it very low key – how much of a risk do they feel they are taking?

        • SchoolsImprove

          CarolannCheese Calm definitely sounds better – just picking up on comments y/day of schools making so much of SATs that it affects children

  5. kealeywindle1

    SchoolsImprove its ridiculous its hard enough being 10/11 years old
    Teachers should sit sats!!!

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