Stop using iPads in lessons to prevent bullying, minister says

The Telegraph is reporting that a minister has warned schools to stop using iPads in lessons in order to prevent bullying.

Schools must reduce the use of iPads during lessons amid concerns that children are using them to bully and harass one another, a minister has warned.

Edward Timpson, the Minister for Children and Families, said a number of schools were allowing children to spend “too much” of the day on their devices.

He also called on headteacher’s to use their powers to confiscate tablets and iPads being brought into schools if they are being used “inappropriately.”

Speaking to peers on the House of Lords Communications Committee, he said: “A problem in a number of schools which we’ve sought to address is the iPad or the tablet coming into schools and it forming far too much of the school day’s activities of children and it being used inappropriately for some of the bullying and harassment that we know sadly goes on the back of it.”

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  1. PaulGarvey4

    SchoolsImprove And what do we ban next? Pens, so no writing on toilet walls? Teach *how* to use properly and well. U0001f600

  2. AllThingsMaths

    PaulGarvey4 SchoolsImprove Maybe ban children. That’d ensure no bullying ever. Other than by staff to staff…. 😉

  3. PaulGarvey4

    AllThingsMaths SchoolsImprove Yes! Obvious. A government edict to. ban bullying. That’d cure it! U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  4. MikeyAdaptiveIT

    SchoolsImprove LearnPad are tablets built specifically for education and give teachers full control of content available to students.

  5. alatalite

    SchoolsImprove Yes and Mary Whitehouse raged against Pinky and Perky on television. Each generation rejects the technology of the next!

  6. northernteacher

    If this is the extent of the knowledge of our ministers, maybe he should actually visit a school and see how they shape education. It scares me that they have such little knowledge.

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