Stop stressing out our kids – why children’s mental health is as important as academic achievement

‘My brain won’t let me sleep,’ wept my six-year-old daughter as she cried inconsolably in my arms last night. Author Emily-Jane Clark writes for The Metro

Since starting Year Two in September, my normally happy little girl has become tired, emotional, tearful and despite being exhausted, struggling to get to sleep.

While she enjoys school – the sheer amount of academic work being thrown at her and her peers on a daily basis appears to be taking it’s toll.

The problem is that teachers are under so much pressure from the government to get children to achieve a certain level at a certain time, that no sooner have pupils learnt one thing, they are on to the next giving them no time to take it all in and develop confidence in that area.

With this alongside weekly home work, is it any wonder my daughter is unable to switch her brain off at bedtime?

It seems to be all work and very little play – which considering they are only six-years-old is just so sad.

I am at a loss to understand why the mental wellbeing of children is not considered as important as academic achievement. 

A child of six should not be suffering from stress and insomnia. She should lie in bed at night dreaming about fairyland and superheroes not fractions and common nouns.

With mental illness rates among British children already on the rise, it is about time our kids were put first.

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