State schooling ‘costs parents £22,500 per child’

Parents are forking out more than £22,500 on average to put a child through school, researchers claim. This is from the Independent…

The total bill of educating a child in a state school has soared by more than £6,000 in the past five years, according to Aviva, which sells savings products.

It claims that families are paying out more than £1,600 per child per year for school lunches, out of school care such as breakfast clubs, transport, uniform, shoes, textbooks and sports kit.

This adds up to parents spending £22,596 on sending a child to school between the ages of four and 18, compared with almost £16,000 in 2008.

Aviva spokeswoman, Louise Colley, said this showed that state schooling was far from free.

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Have you been aware of costs increasing significantly for parents in recent years? What do you think the main factors behind this are and what kind of impact does it have, especially for those finding it hardest to come up with the money?

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  1. Mktadvice4schls

    SchoolsImprove bit of a dubious number as it includes meals! Kids would have to eat if they didn’t go to school.

  2. saltburnlass

    SchoolsImprove misleading to say wrap-around childcare is a cost of state-schooling. State schooling provides free high quality childcare!

  3. Mrs_Wiltshire

    SchoolsImprove cheaper then than the £50,000 I’ve paid in childcare for the last 6 years. And they get an education over14 years. Bargin.

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