Spying on teacher: CCTV in classrooms ‘on the rise’

The Independent is reporting that a survey of 7,500 teachers by the NASUWT has revealed that nearly one in 10 now have CCTV cameras in their classrooms…

Many were told originally they were being introduced to enhance pupil and teacher safety and act as a deterrent to bad behaviour.

Now, though, there are an increasing number of reports that headteachers are using them to assess teaching standards and support attempts to get rid of those who they think are not up to the job.

Of those who reported having CCTV cameras in their classrooms, 89 per cent said they could not switch them off and 88 per cent said the cameras were constantly recording their lessons.

More than half (55 per cent) said headteachers were viewing the footage and 41 per cent said it was being used to form negative views of staff…

Chris Keates, general secretary of the NASUWT, said: “Lab rats have more professional privacy.

“In some cases, teachers have reported having their private conversations filmed when the school was not in session. The stories teachers recounted to us in the survey are a shocking catalogue of professional disrespect and unacceptable intrusion.”

Examples of CCTV use given to researchers included one teacher who said: “In my school, it has been used specifically with newly qualified teachers who the senior leadership team think are not performing well.”

…Russell Hobby, general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, said: “It is incredibly powerful for a teacher to watch a recording of a lesson – and see children and behaviour they didn’t notice. What we need to be clear on is that consent has been gained for the recording.”…

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Do you have classroom cctv in you/your child’s school? What impact is it having and is there a potential role in professional development or is that insignificant compared to the intrusion? And is there a valid argument that what teachers and pupils do in class should be recorded as a safety measure for all concerned? Please let us know in the comments, via Twitter and by taking part in our poll…

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    Rustylink1 Sherbs1 A dreadful trend. If there are performance issues, there are better ways of handling them.#Orwell

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