Special needs education breaking our budgets, warn councils

According to The Guardian research by the County Councils Network found that some councils had recorded a 90% increase in young people being given care plans requiring special support, with 27 county councils overspending by a total of £123m in 2018-19 at a time when local authority purses are under severe pressure.

Carl Les, Conservative leader of North Yorkshire county council and the network’s spokesman on children’s services, said “Additional demand … has created a financial crisis for some local authorities, with huge rises seeing costs spiral out of control,” he said. “Counties already face a funding gap of £21.5bn over the next five years, and if we continue to overspend at the level we have done it will break many of our budgets.”

The network’s call was echoed by the Commons education select committee, whose report on school funding calls for a 10-year settlement along the lines of that agreed for the NHS last year.

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  1. Judith Wilson

    And here it is – the ‘chickens coming home to roost’ moment we’ve all been waiting for! AND with the totally predictable ‘blame’ headline where we pick on the weakest who are unable to speak up for themselves. The education system is falling apart and it is the fault of our children (or, at least, those of them who need extra support). Just like our NHS is falling apart and it is, again, the fault of those of us who dare to live longer than some people would like and who also need extra support. It’s NOTHING at all to do with Government Ministers refusing to listen to those of us on the front line who have been trying to tell them year after year that the wrong decisions are being made and that funding is not being put in the most effective place and being used to prevent (or at least reduce) even more expensive problems arising in the long term. Perhaps we should invest in hearing aids for all MPs, CEOs and the like? Could NICE stretch to injections of common sense for those who hold the purse strings? Probably not. It wouldn’t be cost effective in such huge quantities…

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