Slow broadband and blocking access to sites hinders ICT school work

Slow internet connections at schools and the blocking of certain sites by local authorities are affecting pupils’ ICT studies in Wales, according to education watchdog Estyn. This is from the BBC…

Its new report calls on Welsh ministers to provide adequate broadband links for all schools saying poor quality connectivity “hinders” class work.

The Welsh government said £39m is being invested in broadband and network infrastructure for schools.

Council leaders said some of the improvement work is due to be carried out over the summer holidays.

Estyn has published a report into the standards in ICT – information computer technology – in primary and secondary schools in Wales looking at its impact on pupils’ learning.

Standards were “good or excellent” in half of the primary schools visited, the watchdog found.

However, Ann Keane, chief inspector of education and training in Wales, said despite some “positive progress, there is still work to be done”.

The report found that while Wales’ councils provide nearly all schools with an internet connection, around half the schools surveyed said slow connections were a problem making internet searches for a whole class difficult.

It added that the level of filtering and blocking of internet sites by local authorities – to ensure pupils stay safe while online – hindered class work “unnecessarily” in the majority of schools.

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Does your local authority block access to certain sites? Which ones and do you feel this gets in the way of learning? Is a new look at this kind of policy required? Let us know what you think…

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