Six pupils rushed to hospital after taking legal highs on way to school

The Mirror is reporting that six pupils were rushed to hospital yesterday after taking legal highs on their way to school…

The alarm was raised after one student went to the medical room at Lealands High School in Luton saying he was feeling sick…

John Burridge, headteacher of the school whose pupils are aged 11 to 16, said: “Before arriving at school six students in their teens from different year groups appear to have become very unwell.

“We first became aware of this when one of these students attended the medical room on arrival at school.

“We immediately contacted the ambulance service and then it emerged that other students were suffering similar symptoms…”

“At this stage we are not certain of the cause of their symptoms, however we understand from Bedfordshire Police that they believe the teenagers had taken a ‘legal high’ early in the morning before coming to school…”

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How much of an issue are ‘legal highs’ in school now? Please share your insights in the comments or via Twitter…


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