Six Nottingham schools placed in special measures by Ofsted

The BBC is reporting that six secondary schools in Nottingham have been placed in special measures after a series of unannounced Ofsted inspections in the city…

Another school was said to have “serious weaknesses” and one was praised for its good leadership.

Three of the failing schools, all inspected in November, were academies.

Ofsted spokeswoman Louise Soden said the results were “a serious concern”, adding Ofsted would “continue to closely monitor” the schools.

“They will receive a monitoring inspection once a term until they come out of special measures,” Ms Soden added.

The six schools placed in special measures were Farnborough School, Big Wood School, Hadden Park School, Djanogly City Academy, Bulwell Academy, and Nottingham University Samworth Academy.

Ellis Guilford School and Sports College was said to have “serious weaknesses”.

An investigation into English GCSE results at Nottingham Girls’ Academy said leadership and management in the subject was good.

Head teacher Andy Kilpatrick of Djanogly City Academy said: “We have come a long way but still have a long way to go.

“The Ofsted outcome is a disappointment but not a surprise.”

The report said the school was still struggling with GCSE results and progress in English, maths and science was “not rapid enough”.

Ed Williams, chair of governors at Farnborough School, said it has a clear action plan but added pupils and parents were “disappointed and frustrated” at recent inspection.

City councillor David Mellen said: “We must not lose sight of the journey we have made (in Nottingham schools) – in 1998 only 26% of pupils attained five A* to C passes and now 77% of pupils attain that level.

“We are proud that 72% of Nottingham schools are now good or outstanding.”

The city’s education authority currently sits in the bottom 10 of the latest national league table for pupils achieving five good GCSEs.

Nottingham City Council recently set up an “experts” group to help improve performance in Nottingham schools.

The Nottingham Challenge Board will include Ms Soden along with school and council leaders.

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This outcome was anticipated some while ago so won’t have come as a surprise to any involved, but do you think the steps being put in place, such as the Nottingham Challenge Board, are likely to lead to the required improvements? Please share in the comments or on twitter… 

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