12-year-old schoolgirl ‘punched unconscious’ by bullies for wearing ‘wrong’ trainers

The Mirror is reporting that a shocking video shows the moment a 12-year-old girl was punched unconscious and kicked in the face during a terrifying attack by bullies.

Katie Morris was also pulled to the ground, spat on and thrown into stinging nettles during the attack which took place because the yobs claim she was wearing the wrong trainers.

The sickening attack took place on the playing field at Ivanhoe College in Leicestershire while fellow students stood watching.

Katie was left with concussion and injuries to both her mouth and nose after the attack on June 23 where fellow students just watched without helping…

Katie said: “It was horrific I wish it had never happened. They’d been bullying me for a while and I’d never said anything back before.

“They said I got my stuff from a charity shop and I’d just had enough. I said they got their lives from a charity shop.

“That’s when they started hitting me. They grabbed hold of my hair on the field and pulled me to the floor…

Antonia posted footage of the attack, which had been sent to her by a shocked witness, on her Facebook page…

The school is so far unavailable for a comment.

Leicestershire Police confirmed the incident was being investigated…

More at: Sickening video shows 12-year-old schoolgirl being punched unconscious by school bullies for wearing ‘wrong’ trainers


Jeez – aren’t people lovely sometimes?

The video (which you can see in the original article) is actually only a few seconds long and, while not pleasant, doesn’t really capture the extent of the attack as alleged in the report. 

This apparently tool place on school grounds and we know the police are investigating, but what do you think the school should do faced with an alleged incident such as this?


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  1. TW

    The school should have a robust safeguarding, including dealing with bullying, policy.  If, as claimed elsewhere, the school has a lot of bullying then Ofsted should be informed.

  2. BehaviourA

    It is mandatory to at least have a section in the Discipline/ Behaviour Policy on Bullying, which should set out anti-bullying measures undertaken as well as actions to be taken in the event of an incident. Good practice would be to have a separate Anti-Bullying Policy. 
    Loss of time for PSHE etc may be a factor in enabling climates where this kind of behaviour is even thinkable.

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