Today’s poll: Should homework marking be outsourced abroad to ease teacher workload?

Dr Rebecca Allen has said radical solutions need to be considered to reduce teachers’ workload and countries like India offer homework marking services for as little as £2 per hour that are “incredibly reliable”. What do you think?

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  1. MathspaceUK

    SchoolsImprove you don’t need to outsource when SOME tech can give you results that help. BUT Just getting right or wrong is not enough.

  2. NHM15

    What is the purpose of homework?  To keep children busy and give teachers something to do?  Its always been done ….  Give pupils practice and tell them when its right or wrong.  OR a chance for formative assessment?  An opportunity to be creative and stretch pupils?  To embed learning.  To encourage and grow a love of learning – be fun.  Engage whole family. Etc. Etc.  
    Oh dear, another case of ‘thought on the back of a serviette, in the shower, …’ to gain celebrity status.  Hummmm…

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