Shortage of 5,000 trainee teachers

Schools face a shortage of up to 5,000 trainee teachers when children return in the autumn because of the failure of radical government reforms, critics claim. This is from the Sunday Times…

Half of the vacancies for teachers to train on the job instead of at university next year have not been filled. Michael Gove, the education secretary, decided to switch almost half of the country’s 25,000 training places into schools and away from “politically correct” universities.

Schools that agreed to train as many as 20 teachers have accepted only a handful. Some say the quality of candidates coming forward is not high enough. Others, it is thought, may have decided they cannot cope with training teachers after all.

In some subjects such as physics, religious education, chemistry, computer science, design and maths, the shortfall is acute. Only 7% of vacancies to train as a physics or RE teacher “on the job” have been filled and only 10% in maths and design. The south and southwest of England are hardest hit.

Professor John Howson, managing director of, said: “There is a real risk that some subjects like design and technology will be wiped out of our schools because there will not be enough qualified teachers.

“The government is in danger of sliding back to the chaotic situation in 2000 when schools ran into a serious staff shortage and we had to recruit from all over the world.”

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  1. Flutterbiesltd

    SchoolsImprove how do we have this shortage, when told academies don’t have to employ a qualified teacher

    • edujdw

      Flutterbiesltd SchoolsImprove why get a job as a teacher when you are regularly trashed by Gove and Wilshaw?

      • Flutterbiesltd

        edujdw Totally agree I’m seeing more teachers leaving and going into childcare. Makes you wonder why they do all those years training

  2. PompeyDog

    SchoolsImprove if i was learning how to swim, I shouldn’t like to be given a float and chucked into the middle of the Atlantic.

  3. B4Susan

    SchoolsImprove teachers are put down by media, govt, parents and at times own profession. Add do before learning how to=hell. I wouldn’t!

  4. changepatriot

    SchoolsImprove With Gove’s onerous reforms making teaching demanding & insecure it’s not surprising folk choose something else

  5. mkwoods77

    TeacherROAR shortage of teachers?? I wouldn’t worry- the MoD haven’t long made some cuts in the army, they can fill the gaps! 😉

  6. ApprenticeNoodl

    SchoolsImprove what’s Gove’s plan? Bring in unqualified and ex armed forces personnel in? #shambles #education

  7. changepatriot

    SchoolsImprove Being a teacher now is stressful & bad for your health & welfare with. lousy conditions of work, poor pensions. Avoid !

  8. JaneCo94

    SchoolsImprove There seem to be a great many teachers on supply/looking for jobs. Why are they under utilised?

  9. blondebonce

    SchoolsImprove how strange…when the long hours, low morale & being to blame for all the ills of society seems so attractive.

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