Shops and businesses asked to provide anti-bully ‘safe havens’

Shops and businesses are being asked to provide “safe havens” for children being bullied en route to school as part of a crackdown in Denbighshire in Wales. This is from the BBC…

Workers in Prestatyn will be given training on how to support pupils who pop into their shops looking for help.

It is part of the I Spy campaign, which was set up 18 months ago to bring local schools, community groups and police together to tackle bullying.

Education Minister Leighton Andrews said it was making a “real difference”.

The community scheme was created by Prestatyn High School, the town’s Pop In Centre and the County Youth Service to proactively tackle all forms of bullying.

The group aimed to develop closer links with local schools, youth groups and the police to ensure training and information about bullying incidents could be shared.

Phil Pierce, head teacher of Prestayn High, said the project seemed to be working and the next stage was to ensure children were safe while walking to and from school.

“We felt that when they were at school they were safe because we had a system and when they were at the pop in centre they were safe,” he said.

“But between those places there was no joined-up system so sometimes children and young people were vulnerable.

“The idea we have is to sign up local shops and businesses on the high street to help.

“If a child is anxious and fears they are being followed by a group or are being threatened or bullied they can go into a shop where the I Spy logo is displayed.

“Workers will be vetted and trained so they can get them home safely and pass on the information to the relevant authorities.”

He said he hoped the “safe haven” scheme would be ready to launch next month.

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