Sexism is endemic in schools, says leader of Women’s Equality Party

The TES is reporting claims from the leader of the new Women’s Equality Party that sexism is still endemic in schools.

The WEP has drawn up an equality manifesto, which places significant emphasis on the importance of classroom gender equality, and is calling for Ofsted school inspections to measure the problem.

“If there’s an accounting for the importance of gender equality set at the heart of the curriculum, then we start tackling attitudes in general, and also in individuals,” party leader Sophie Walker said. “We’re changing culture and changing attitudes. Gender equality is an essential part of the function of education…”

Ms Walker said the best way to ensure change was to focus on specifics. At the moment, the party is exploring the feasibility of gender quotas for headteachers.

“There’s an awful lot of women teachers, and a disproportionate number of male headteachers,” Ms Walker said. The WEP would also introduce external, Ofsted-inspected careers advisers.

“Girls need to be encouraged to know that they can do anything they want,” she said. “If they want to wear a pink dress and become a train driver, they can. And, equally, if a boy wants to wear a pink dress and become a train driver, he can.”

See more on this in the 18 December edition of TES

More at: Sexism is endemic in schools, says leader of Women’s Equality Party


Isn’t the main gender inequality in schools at the moment that girls are doing much better than boys in virtually every outcome?

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  1. Dai_James1942

    SchoolsImprove Gender equality has the same essential quality and error as racism. Merit inheres in individuals, not groups.

  2. johnofsurrey

    SchoolsImprove She talks of gender quotas for headteachers, why not for male teachers in primary education? Boys are losing out here.

  3. Is ‘equality’ the same as ‘sameness’?  One reason there are fewer women headteachers (or MPs, or company chairs) is that many women choose not to apply for these posts.  They prefer a more balanced life than these lonely, ‘my career is the most important thing in my life’ roles.
    Where barriers exist, tear them down!, but, don’t expect us all to have the same ambitions.

  4. TW

    Apparently not advanced enough to distinguish between equality of opportunity and equality of outcome – she should work for Ofsted.

  5. Dai_James1942

    SchoolsImprove Girls aren’t suffering much because of sexism, but they are drinking themselves stupid as a result of the useless curriculum

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