‘Sex education needs to be less about biology and more about rights’

WalesOnline reports that outdated sex education in schools in Wales needs over hauling and a new version should be created and made compulsory by law, a report says.

Current sex education in our classrooms is too biology based and too far removed from day to day reality for pupils, according to an expert panel appointed by the Education Secretary.

It will remain a low priority for schools unless it is properly delivered, assessed, inspected, funded and made a compulsory part of the curriculum by law, the Relationships Education Expert Panel, chaired by Professor Emma Renold of Cardiff University’s S chool of Social Sciences says.

The panel found that most teachers delivering SRE classes have no specialist SRE training and most teachers say they feel ill-equipped when delivering it.

SRE sessions in Wales focuses too strongly on biology, with not enough attention to rights, gender equity, emotions and relationships, the document adds.

There is a lack of focus on minority gender and sexual identities and relationships, and lack of awareness and education on violence against girls and women, domestic abuse and sexual violence , the panel found.

Training should be established urgently for teachers and other professionals involved in SRE provision, including initial teacher education, in-service training and peer education, as well as having a specialist trained SRE lead in every school and local authority, with curriculum time equitable with other curriculum subjects.

NSPCC Cymru , which was on the panel, urged the Welsh Government to take up its recommendations: “It is a crucial tool in the prevention of sexual abuse and domestic abuse and will help children and young people realise when something is not right and know where to go for support.”

Read more about the panels recommendations ‘Sex education needs to be less about biology and more about rights’

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