Sex education could become compulsory as minister confirms policy change being considered

The Telegraph is reporting that Sex education looks set to become compulsory in every secondary school in England after Justine Greening, the new Education Secretary, revealed she is considering the move. 

Ms Greening indicated the issue was near the top of her “in-tray” since taking the role and said the government had a “real opportunity” to improve teaching about sex education. 

Ms Greening also overturned proposals floated by Mrs Morgan to scrap automatic parental governors on school boards during an appearance in Parliament. 

Currently sex education is compulsory in all maintained secondary schools but not academies and free schools – which make up about two thirds of all secondaries. 

Asked if she wanted to make sex education compulsory, she said: “It’s an area I’m looking at and I haven’t reached a formal view. You’re right to ask the question about what it will take to make sure we do a stronger job.” Ms Greening added that ensuring the “quality” of teaching was also important as well as the issue of whether to make the lessons compulsory. 

An NSPCC spokesman said: “The new Education Secretary’s comments are encouraging. Age-appropriate sex education helps children learn about healthy relationships, develop a respect for themselves and others, and can prevent sexual harassment and abuse.”

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  1. LaCatholicState

    SchoolsImprove We do not want sex ed forced on our kids. Neither do we want the ‘morals’ of ministers forced on them!

  2. Nairb1

    Maybe parents who don’t read with their kids are also bad parents but that’s no reason for schools to stop teaching reading.

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