Senior Tory’s U-turn on proposal to scrap AS-levels

The Independent is reporting that government plans to break the link between AS and A-levels have come under fire from the Conservatives’ own chairman of the Commons Education Select Committee…

Graham Stuart revealed his change of heart while questioning the Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan – saying he had supported the proposals outlined by her predecessor Michael Gove but was now opposing them after speaking to teachers about the effects.

“My instinct originally was the same as the Secretary of State’s until I talked to head teachers in my constituency,” he said…

Mr Stuart said this “would have a more negative impact on disadvantaged students”, because they needed some evidence of progress in the sixth form to continue with their studies at university, rather than relying on an end-of-course exam after two years.

“There is little support for the decoupling out there,” Mr Stuart added. “What’s happened to the idea that ‘schools know best’, ‘teachers know what’s best for their children’? The overwhelming and nearly unanimous response from the sector is saying they don’t agree with the reforms… The university sector couldn’t be more vocal or more cross.”

…Tristram Hunt, the shadow Education Secretary, has already pledged that an incoming Labour administration would reverse the change…

Ms Morgan argued that students would still be able to take AS-levels. She said that the new system had been brought in so students could escape from constant testing and be freed to study their chosen subjects in more depth…

More at: Senior Tory’s U-turn on proposal to scrap AS-levels


So is Graham Stuart right to have a change of heart over this planned reform or is Nicky Morgan justified in saying the new system will help students by taking away constant testing? Please tell us how you see it in the comments or via twitter…


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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Regarding still taking AS levels NickyMorgan01 is economic with the truth as although possible it’s more work and stress

  2. andylutwyche

    j_shepperd SchoolsImprove Revolutionary! Who’d have thought of actually asking people in the profession it affects?

  3. VictoriaJaquiss

    SchoolsImprove If Nicky wants to free students from testing, SATs is waiting for her. AS more likely to keep students on right track.

  4. VictoriaJaquiss

    SchoolsImprove If Nicky wants to free students from testing, SATs is waiting for her. AS more likely to keep students on right track.

  5. sophiehazelpop

    andylutwyche SchoolsImprove NickyMorgan01 All very well but will there be funding for students taking the AS? Really need a quick u-turn.

  6. SDupp

    supernash69 andylutwyche j_shepperd SchoolsImprove Blimey! And there was I thinking people only studied artists like Turner..

  7. supernash69

    SDupp andylutwyche j_shepperd SchoolsImprove Couldn’t she squeeze Gove’s *coat tails* a little bit harder U0001f609

  8. sandev7793

    I think stuart is right and nicky morgan is wrong because shes gojngnon the same idea what michael gove wanted.

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