Second rural Lincolnshire school criticised over diversity

The BBC is reporting that a school has been told it cannot be rated as “outstanding” by Ofsted because pupils need to have more awareness of other British cultures…

St Lawrence School in Horncastle, Lincolnshire, which caters for 140 children with special needs, was visited last month.

It’s the second school in the county to be criticised for a lack of diversity.

Executive head Lea Mason said finding cultural opportunities in rural Lincolnshire was a “big challenge”.

Following the latest inspection, Ofsted said while it was a good school, it was not outstanding because pupils did not have a strong awareness of other cultures or wider issues of modern Britain.

Ms Mason said: “Our students are not immersed daily with cultures you might find in a city-based environment.”

However, she added: “I still think we have a responsibility to make our students aware of different cultures, but we are doing a lot already.

“We have lots of other challenges too – some of out students are not able to sit on a mini-bus for a long time to get to somewhere that has more cultural opportunities.”

Inspectors said while the school integrated spiritual, moral and social education into the curriculum, pupils had limited awareness of other faiths, cultures and traditions.

Last week it was revealed Ofsted reported that Market Rasen School in Lincolnshire could not be rated as outstanding because pupils lack experience of “the diverse make-up of modern British society”…

More at: Horncastle St Lawrence School criticised over diversity


I get the point of understanding different cultures and diversity, but is there not a point where, in certain parts of the country, it becomes somewhat artificial to insist on a model of modern Britain that bears no resemblance to the one the children live and grow up in? Whose vision in the ‘correct’ one and exactly what does it look like? Your thoughts? Please share in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Rather than just criticising schools in non-culturally diverse areas Ofsted could advise them about how to tackle this

  2. HughdjNicklin

    SchoolsImprove UKIP I wonder how much their resources had been enlarged to cope with children of potato picking slave gangs?

  3. Penny_Ten

    andylutwyche SchoolsImprove there’s also danger of ‘othering’ by learning about other cultures in the wrong way & in isolation. Not simple

  4. andylutwyche

    Penny_Ten SchoolsImprove Completely agree. Ofsted march in, tell them that they are wrong, march out. Hopeless. Supposed to be supportive

  5. LaCatholicState

    The best advice is to ignore Ofsted.  Most parents judge a school by league tables and other parents opinions.  Ofsted want schools to waste time teaching non-subjects which are unnecessary.

  6. Johnthe14th

    SchoolsImprove I grew up in Liverpool. Teaching us city kids what a farm looked like was a “big challenge” too. GET REAL OFSTED Ofstednews

  7. Johnthe14th

    SchoolsImprove Stop trying to homogenise our school children. It won’t work. It’s just government-enforced #culturalmarxism. Ofstednews

  8. Johnthe14th

    gasman_g SchoolsImprove (1) My own generation never suffered through lack of exposure to mosques, temples – or even farms for that matter.

  9. Johnthe14th

    gasman_g SchoolsImprove (2) We must be careful not to confuse trendy teaching ideas and ideologies with real education.

  10. gasman_g

    Johnthe14th SchoolsImprove It’s about teaching kids what UK is like today – not trendy at all. We faced same issue in our rural school…

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