Scrapping of archaeology and classics A-levels criticised as ‘barbaric act’

Last week we heard how the AQA are scrapping their Art History A-level. Today the Guardian is reporting that Archaeology is also on the hit list.

The exam board explained its decision on archaeology, saying: “Our number one priority is making sure every student gets the result they deserve – and unfortunately the number of very specialist options we have to offer in this subject’s exams creates too many risks on that front. That’s why we’ve taken the difficult decision not to continue our work creating a new AS and A-level.”

Sir Tony Robinson said it appeared to be a purely economic decision on the part of AQA. “They are minority A-levels and AQA gets paid per student. Full stop. I can see no other justification whatsoever.” This summer just under 1000 students sat AS and A-level archaeology.

A petition has been launched to try to get the decision overturned which has already collected almost 6,000 signatures. Dr Daniel Boatright, subject leader for archaeology at Worcester Sixth Form College, who is leading the campaign said: “Specialist A-levels like archaeology are vital tools in sparking students’ interest in learning and in preparing vital skills for use when they go onto university courses.

“AQA is extremely naïve if it believes UK students will benefit from a curriculum of only the major subjects. What we will be most sorry to lose is a subject capable of bringing out talents and potential in students that might have been left undiscovered.”

 More at: Scrapping of archaeology and classics A-levels criticised as ‘barbaric act’

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  1. Mulu52

    I have really fond memories of my Classics A level course. Great tutor whose insight was amazing and started my passion for exploring all museums, Italy, Greece, the Middle East and beyond as well as an introduction to world politics.

  2. thiskidsthinkin

    It’s a pity about this decision. We do need these specialised subjects, albeit not every school needs to offer it, one school every 30-40 miles would be adequate, or further away if boarding is offered.Archaeology may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we’d lose out not having that stepping stone for those who want to do that.

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