Scottish schools ‘must be better than just satisfactory’

The BBC is reporting that Scottish Labour leadership hopeful Kezia Dugdale has said educational attainment must rise beyond “just satisfactory”.

Nine out of 10 schools are rated at least “satisfactory” by inspectors.

Lothians MSP Ms Dugdale said that amounted to “settling for second best” while performance had not risen under the SNP since 2008…

In a speech in Edinburgh later, Ms Dugdale will say “satisfactory means that areas of strength only just outweigh areas of weakness”.

Speaking ahead of the speech, she said: “We know that 90% of Scotland’s schools are meeting inspection criteria of satisfactory or better.

“This level of performance has not risen since 2008, the year after the current SNP government took office.

“Are we really saying that the extent of our ambition for Scotland’s schools is for them to be simply satisfactory?

“Have we really settled for second best for our young people?

“Satisfactory just isn’t good enough for Scotland’s schools. Not today, certainly not tomorrow and certainly not for me.”

The Scottish government said there was “a lot to be proud of” in the education system…

More at: Kezia Dugdale: Schools must be better than just satisfactory


It almost sounds like Kezia Dugdale is suggesting that Scotland follow the changes introduced by Ofsted in England where the satisfactory grading has been replaced by requires improvement.

Would you recommend such a move? Please let us know why/why not in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. TW

    Doubtful whether the remnants of Labour in Scotland need any longer concern themselves with public issues.  Perhaps they could do something more worthwhile such as forming a knitting group.

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