Scottish pupils hit by cap on free university tuition

Scottish pupils are to face tougher entry requirements to attend university in Scotland because of Government-imposed caps on the numbers eligible for free tuition. This is from the Times…

The measures have been introduced to combat the increasingly high number of applications. Aberdeen University has become the first to make it more difficult to get a place on some of its courses after an eight per cent increase in applications for this year.

It is likely that other universities will follow suit as demand grows as a result of the Scottish Government’s non-charging policy for students from Scotland and the European Union.

Stirling and Heriot-Watt have warned that a cap on the number of Scottish students by the Scottish Government means that only those with the best grades are likely to get a place. Since last year students from elsewhere in the UK have had to pay tuition fees of up to £9,000 a year to study at a Scottish university but those from Scotland and the EU have had their higher education funded by the Scottish Government.

The number of Scottish and EU students is capped and universities can be penalised for enrolling more than they are allowed to.

More at:  Scots hit by cap on free university tuition (subscription required) 

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