Scottish primaries national testing gets go ahead as schools bill passed

The TES is reporting that flagship legislation that could usher in an era of high-stakes testing in Scotland has been passed by the country’s Parliament.

…The Education (Scotland) Bill…places a duty on local authorities and ministers to prioritise measures to reduce the educational divide between young people from different backgrounds.

It also legislates for the introduction of a National Improvement Framework in Scotland’s schools, which will bring in national assessments for pupils in literacy and numeracy at primary and secondary level.

Campaigners at the charity Children in Scotland have insisted that testing children in the first year of primary school is “simply not appropriate for their age”, while Liberal Democrat education spokesman Liam McArthur called on ministers to ditch the plans…

However, Save the Children welcomed the new law, including the plans for testing.

Neil Mathers, charity’s head of Scotland said: “We want to see the National Improvement Framework working to make sure that every child is supported to read well by the time they finish primary school. Save the Children believes that the attainment gap can’t close without first ensuring this happens.”…

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Clearly there are a number of differences of opinion over this bill and, in particular, the idea of national testing in Scotland. 

What do you think of the duty being placed on councils to prioritise measures that will close the gap? What impact will it actually have?

Your feedback and reactions?

Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. What a pity Scotland is following England’s example. Teaching to the test and a narrowing of the curriculum to that which is going to be tested will follow.

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