Scottish FE college merger programme ‘a failure’, say lecturers

The BBC is reporting that a Scottish college merger programme has been called “a failure” by lecturers.

A new survey has indicated they believe mergers of Scotland’s colleges to create 20 so-called “regional supercolleges” have “largely failed to deliver”.

The survey was commissioned by the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) teachers’ and lecturers’ union…

The EIS study found almost 90% of college lecturers taking part did not believe the mergers had improved learning and teaching quality.

The survey, of nearly 1,000 lecturers, found: 

  • 89% did not believe their merger had improved learning and teaching quality
  • 91% did not believe their merger had improved management of their college
  • 94% did not believe their merger had improved staff morale in the college
  • 86% did not believe their merged college better met the needs of the community
  • 81% indicated that their workload had increased following their college’s merger

The online survey, carried out by the EIS Further Education Lecturers’ Association, had a response rate of around 20% – about one in seven of all further education teaching staff.

EIS general secretary Larry Flanagan said the survey “demonstrates that the many benefits that were promised as part of the mergers programme have not been delivered”. 

He said the “imagined benefits” of the mergers had “yet to become reality”.

Mr Flanagan added: “While former members of senior management have enjoyed huge pay-offs and millions of pounds have been squirreled away into secretive Arms’ Length Foundations, education provision has continued to be cut and staff continue to suffer a divisive postcode lottery on their terms and conditions.”

Responding to the survey, a Scottish government spokesman said that there had been “huge progress”…

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If the survey results are representative (and a self-selecting survey with a 20% response rate is not ideal) then it’s a pretty overwhelming thumbs down from the lecturers to the college mergers.

How much do you think the negative opinion is down to the huge pay-offs that have been received by some senior staff? 

And do you think things will look better further down the road?

Please give us your opinions in the comments or via Twitter…


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