Scots students ‘finding it harder to secure place at Scottish university’

The Sunday Post is reporting that it is increasingly difficult for Scots to get a place at a university in Scotland.

While the Scottish Government provided more than £1.7 billion to universities and students in 2014-15, the report said institutions are “placing increasing reliance on generating income from fee-paying students from the rest of the UK and outside the European Union”. As a result it has become “more difficult in recent years for Scottish and EU undergraduate students to gain a place at a Scottish university”, a report by Audit Scotland said.

“The main reason for this is that applications have increased at a greater rate than increases in the number of funded places available for Scottish and EU students,” the report said. “Applications have increased by 23% since 2010, yet the number of offers made by universities has increased by only 9%.”

Of the 232,570 students at Scottish universities in 2014-15, 66% were Scottish, the report said, adding that “the student population is becoming increasingly international”.

Mary Senior, of the University and College Union Scotland, said the Scottish Government needs to consider whether it needs to use new taxation powers to help fund universities.

She said: “The report’s conclusion makes it clear that public funding is central to our universities’ success both in widening access and remaining world-leading institutions. The Scottish Government needs to take a hard look at the level of funding it gives to higher education and how it raises that money.

More at: Scots students ‘finding it harder to secure place at Scottish university’

Do you feel we need to keep Scottish universities free for Scots? How can we achieve this whilst still keep the percentage of Scottish students the same? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter. ~ Sophie

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    Just another reason why the fabulous wealth and historical eminence of an independent Scotland should be restored by being freed from vile servitude to England.

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