Scotland’s troubled new exams to be subject of detailed review

The Herald Scotland is reporting that a review is to be held into the troubled implementation of Scotland’s new school examinations….

A working group is being set up to look at the difficulties schools have experienced in introducing National Qualifications, which have replaced Standard Grade this year.

The team, to be chaired by Ken Muir, the chief executive of the General Teaching Council for Scotland, has been convened to ensure lessons are learned in time for the implementation of new Higher exams next summer.

Last year, Education Secretary Michael Russell announced that the OECD would hold a wider review of the new Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), with a report due in 2015.

However, it was felt schools needed a more prompt evaluation of the exam changes focusing on the role of the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), the curriculum body Education Scotland, and other key players.

Members of the group will include representatives of teaching unions, parents, councils, the Scottish Government as well as the SQA and Education Scotland. The move has no impact on this year’s exams, which go ahead as planned…

Kenneth Muir said: “It is recognised that, as we near the end of the first year of the new qualifications, this is an ideal time to reflect on and consider the experiences of the past year and to consider what help and advice we can provide to the system as it enters the next year.

“Everyone in Scottish education remains committed to ensuring that young people get the best possible qualifications and this group will be seeking to find out what might be done to support learners, teachers and parents next year and beyond.”…

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If you were asked to outline the lessons that should be learned from the implementation to date of the new exams, what would you be saying? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…

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    SchoolsImprove What has happened is the product of a managerial culture that is intolerant of dissent. Subsequent reforms will suffer.. 1/2

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    SchoolsImprove …the same fate until they do something about the highly authoritarian structure of the education bureaucracy. 2/2

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