Scotland’s smallest school of Skerries faces closure threat

The BBC is reporting that councillors in Shetland have backed the closure of Scotland’s smallest secondary school….

Skerries secondary serves the Out Skerries, a small smattering of islands an hour and a half’s ferry journey east of the Shetland mainland.

Members of the local authority’s education and families committee approved – by a narrow margin – plans to shut the school next summer.

The final decision will be made by the full council on Wednesday.

The school has only three secondary pupils, all of different ages.

The council has argued they would get a better schooling if they were educated in Lerwick.

It has said closing the school would save almost £74,000 a year.

But locals fear closure could force many families to leave the small island community.

The secondary school occupies a single classroom in the island’s primary school building.

Despite having so few pupils, it runs a number of after school clubs – including one teaching the children pilot’s licence theory.

Skerries has already survived six attempts to close it in the past decade – with a report to the council again recommending shutting the school.

If the proposals were to be approved, the three Skerries pupils would instead have to board at Anderson High School in Lerwick five days a week from August of next year…

Local councillor Gary Cleaver has vowed to fight to keep school open during the meeting on Wednesday morning.

He said: “I have concern that if they lose the school it makes their community that much more vulnerable. I think it is of no great cost to the council financially and is of a massive significance for the communities of the Skerries”.

More at:  Committee backs closure of Scotland’s smallest school of Skerries

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