Scotland’s Education Secretary Mike Russell reveals plans for 30 school building and refurbishment projects

Details of the next 30 schools to be built or refurbished in Scotland have been unveiled. Education Secretary Mike Russell made the announcement at Newbattle Community High School in Midlothian. It comes a week after Finance Secretary John Swinney pledged an extra 12 schools would be built, taking the total from 55 to 67. About £80m was brought forward following savings made by the Scottish Futures Trust. This is from the BBC…

Mr Swinney said the expanded Schools for the Future programme would help boost the construction industry.

Plans for a “super school” in Dumfries are among those to appear on the list of new building plans.

The development, ideally located close to further and higher education services on the town’s Crichton campus, would serve S4 to S6 pupils.

Pupils could attend one of the town’s four secondaries up to S3 but would then transfer to the new senior school.

Consultation is currently under way – and will continue until next year – on the plans the council describes as “exciting and innovative”.

Following publication of the list, Mr Russell said that providing the best possible school accommodation was vital to the successful delivery of Curriculum for Excellence.

He added: “We have met every local authority’s request for priority builds and added an extra 12 schools to the programme because of the Scottish Futures Trust’s vigorous commitment to value for money.

“More schools are being built, and faster, but for the same level of investment as originally planned.

“By the time the programme finishes, local and Scottish government will have built 67 new schools, lifting over 46,000 pupils into top quality accommodation.

“This is also fantastic news for Scotland’s construction sector. By identifying all 30 schools now, we can get the projects moving and offer some certainty to one of Scotland’s key industries, providing a welcome boost to our economic recovery.”

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