Scotland’s college mergers plans ‘incoherent’, EIS warns

Legislation to reform Scotland’s colleges could create a “nationally incoherent” system of further education, a union has claimed. This is from the BBC…

The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) has criticised the “complexity” of the changes proposed by the Scottish government.

The Post-16 Education (Scotland) Bill aims to regionalise further education.

The Scottish government said it would provide flexibility to govern colleges and save £50m a year.

The bill includes;

  • plans to regionalise further education – which ministers argue will eventually make efficiency savings of £50m each year
  • improving governance and ensuring courses are suited to employers’ needs
  • requirement for universities to do more to widen access for young people from deprived areas
  • and a proposed cap to limit the fees for students from the rest of the UK to the same level as their home country.

Education Secretary Mike Russell said the reforms in the bill would “reduce the duplication of 41 college administrations”.

But the EIS, which represents college lecturers, said in a statement to Holyrood’s education committee: “If it’s the government’s wish to create a nationally incoherent FE (further education) structure with a myriad of different types of colleges, governing bodies and funding mechanisms with separate regulations for each, then this bill is the way to go about it.

“The complexity of the proposed structure will confound all but employees and public policy experts.”

The union claimed the government had “failed to give staff and staff trade unions a larger role to play in colleges and their governance, which will not help the success of these reforms”.

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