Science and language A-levels cut in sixth form college cash squeeze

The BBC is reporting that sixth form colleges in England have had to cut the number of science and foreign language courses because of financial pressures. 

The Sixth Form Colleges Association also said more than a third of colleges feared that without better funding they could cease as going concerns by 2020. 

It sent online questionnaires to all 93 colleges; 72 responded and of these 26 said they feared for their viability…

Sixth form colleges have faced deeper cuts to their budgets than any other group of institutions, the association’s report said, with some losing a third of their funding between 2011 and 2016. 

The future is “equally bleak”, as the government has decided not to protect the 16-19 education budget from spending cuts. 

“Further reductions are highly likely,” the report said.

In addition, sixth form colleges are not eligible to reclaim VAT, meaning institutions have lose out, on average, to the tune of £317,964, the report said…

Of the 72 colleges which responded, 52 said they had dropped courses as the result. 

A-levels in modern languages have been cut in 28 colleges (over a third), while 17 (just under a quarter) reported cuts in science, technology, engineering and maths subjects…

More at: Science A-levels cut in sixth form college cash squeeze


The sounds like a significant number of colleges that have had to cut important courses.

Are you involved in an institution where this has either happened or where there is the prospect of it happening? If so, please let us know the issues involved and the impact the decision is having or is likely to have.


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