Schools warn of more teacher shortages as recruitment to most primary training courses is closed

The TES is reporting that schools are warning of looming shortages for 2017 after recruitment  for the majority of primary school-based initial teacher training was shut by the government yesterday.

…all primary training providers outside London that have taken on at least 75 per cent of last year’s numbers have had to stop recruiting trainees on to fee-charging School Direct or SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) schemes.

Jo Palmer-Tweed, executive director of Essex and Thames Primary SCITT, which covers 128 schools, said: “The closure of primary recruitment to teacher training is potentially disastrous for our region. Our data shows that a large number of our schools will be unable to recruit the staff they need as a result.”

The closures come because of a new goverment approach under which allocations for individual training providers have been scrapped. Instead there has been a free for all this year, with providers allowed to recruit as many trainees as they need until a national limit is reached.

That national cap has now been met and, from today, only providers in London or those yet to fill their minimum numbers, can continue recruiting. There are still places available on salaried School Direct routes. University PGCE primary courses closed last month…

Rupert Snow, head of Hamstel Junior School in Southend which is part of the Essex and Thames primary SCITT, said: “…“Teachers aren’t travelling, when I finished I moved from Sunderland to London to get a job. People aren’t doing that now…”

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  1. The DfE spokesperson said the DfE wanted teacher trainers to be able to select the best candidates.  But this isn’t going to happen if trainers rush to recruit before the cap axe falls.  The more discerning trainers who don’t want to fill places until they have high-calibre candidates could find themselves with few or no trainees if the Govt halts recruitments.  That, of course, threatens the viability of trainers – if they find themselves with few or no trainees, then it’s likely they’ll drop out of training.
    No wonder the NAO was so scathing about the DfE and teacher recruitment.  The DfE’s response?  Blame the unions

  2. allsaintstsa

    SchoolsImprove educationgovuk closure is a barrier to recruitment in the South Devon area. Making it impossible to recruit future NQTs

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