Schools urged to help tackle Islamophobia – Video

The BBC reports that young Muslims in Wales say they have been frequently stared at in public, called “terrorists” at school and been told by strangers to take off headscarves. It comes as schools have been urged to raise awareness of Islamophobia.

The Children’s Commissioner for Wales Sally Holland is focusing on the harm caused by religious hate crime.

“I’ve spoken to young Muslims from across Wales who’ve told me that they’re often scared in their communities, that they’ve directly experienced abuse at school, and that they’re tired of the way Islam is often portrayed by the media, and the effect this has on the views of their non-Muslim peers.”

Videos include contributions of pupils from Cathays High School in Cardiff where around three quarters are from minority ethnic backgrounds.

Shutha, 15, said has had “a few racial comments” directed at her. “Stuff like ‘go back to your country’, stuff about what’s on my head without knowing necessarily what it’s for,” she said.

“I used to think it was people being horrible but as I grew older I realised that people aren’t really educated on the topic of Islam, the topic of what we do in our religion, why we do it and why we dress a certain way, why our beliefs are a certain way.”

Lesson plans produced for the project have been trialled in schools in Swansea, Cardiff and Neath. 

Anti-racism charity Show Racism the Red Card said that teachers in 16 of Wales’ 22 local authorities had contacted them for support for help dealing with incidents of racism, or for help in delivering workshops.

Watch the video and read the full article Schools urged to help tackle Islamophobia – Video 

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