School’s ‘successful shoes’ Facebook sparks anger

The BBC reports that a school which suggested its students’ academic success was linked to their footwear has apologised. Crispin School, in Street, Somerset, claimed on its Facebook page that “achieving” pupils were “sharply dressed” and in “the correct footwear”.

The post attracted hundreds of angry comments from people claiming it discriminated against students who could not afford “the nicest shoes”.

The post entitled “success and shoes” was put on the school’s Facebook page last week, along with pictures of pupils in “acceptable” footwear.

The school said it had “become apparent that those students with the strongest academic progress – are ‘sharply’ dressed”.

While Tash Norris, posted that it was a “shame” the school would “choose to victimise its students over the quality of their school shoes, thus highlighting families who are less fortunate than others”.

In a statement, a school spokesman apologised and said it was committed to “giving all students the best chance to learn regardless of their background”.

“The comments posted had nothing to do with disadvantage or money, and everything to do with the importance of students arriving at school well prepared and ready to learn,” he said.

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