School’s skirt ban scrapped after pupils and parents launch rebellion

The Mirror is reporting that controversial plans to ban girls from wearing skirts have been torn up by a head teacher after pupils and parents rebelled.

Perry Linsley, from Pakefield High School in Lowestoft, Suffolk, was so worried that skirts were too short he told parents girls would have to wear trousers from September.

But Mr Linsley has now performed a dramatic U-turn after the outraged reaction.

Assistant headteacher Paul Usher wrote to parents last week to say: “The senior leadership team have made the decision that, as of September 2016, ALL pupils, male and female, will be wearing trousers and skirts will not be allowed.”

Pupil Tabitha Bennett, 14, of nearby Kessingland, was just one of many students at the 900-pupil school stunned by the shock move.

She said in a letter she drafted to Mr Linsley: “Girls not being allowed to wear skirts is ridiculous.

“If you ban skirts, you are making a negative statement.

“You are practically saying that you care more about how we look than our education.”…

Repentant Mr Linsley has now backed down after he admitted: “We didn’t quite anticipate just how concerned girls and parents were.”…

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A number of schools have done away with skirts but do you applaud the school in this case for responding to the reaction of girls and parents?

These appearance-related issues are so fraught with difficulties. Any examples of schools doing it particularly well?

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  1. CarlJLander

    SchoolsImprove lightweight Headteacher should not have backed down. He now holds no authority over any matter. Time to resign….

  2. Arsinhy

    SchoolsImprove This story isn’t about uniform. It’s about weak leaders who are too frightened to enforce their own rules.

  3. Britinfloridaus

    Strange I thought governors made decisions of policy and not the SLT. Maybe that is where it went wrong in the first place.

  4. TW

    Britinfloridaus  And you are right –

    “It is for the governing body of a school to decide whether there should be a school uniform policy and if so what that should be. This flows from the duties placed upon all governing bodies by statute to ensure that school policies promote good behaviour and discipline amongst the pupil body.”

    Clearly the SLT need to learn their place.

  5. MadgeJesss

    SchoolsImprove In France they seem to manage to educate population perfectly well without the use of school uniforms.

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