Schools could save thousands ‘by opting for gender-neutral toilets’

The Irish Times reports that  schools could save thousands of pounds by opting for unisex toilets, a union leader has said.

Ulster Teachers’ Union (UTU) general secretary Avril Hall Callaghan was responding to a decision in Glasgow that all new-build primary schools will have gender-neutral toilets.

The UTU has raised the issue at previous annual conferences. The union heard that gender-neutral toilets could replace traditional male and female loos in schools to accommodate transgender children.

About one per cent of children in schools in Britain and Northern Ireland are transgender. Teachers said they were becoming increasingly concerned after some schools were asked during inspections what provision they made for transgender children. 

 “Glasgow City Council has said its decision to opt for gender neutral toilets is to help children struggling with gender identification issues.”

“On average new schools cost about £3,000 per square metre so if thousands of pounds can be saved by building a single toilet block instead of two then it is an area of fiscal saving which must be considered along with all the others.”

“Gender neutral toilets are something on which parents and governors need to be in full agreement before any decisions can be taken.”

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  1. Parent Governor

    Anyone know what the pupil/toilet ratio is supposed to be? Whether this is housed in a single or in separate toilet blocks the number of toilets would still appear to be the same.
    Also, how many pupils can you get through a door to a single toilet block in 5 mins? Is there a ‘time & motion’ study to help us determine whether we would have to extend the school day to allow extra time for pupils to take their turn?
    And of course, I understand it is possible to charge for use of the facilities?

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