Schools refer five children a day for deradicalisation

The Times is reporting that more than 1,000 children have been referred for deradicalisation in a year as teachers embrace their duty to stop pupils becoming terrorists.

The figures were released by the National Police Chiefs Council under the Freedom of Information Act. They revealed hundreds of patients and students were also reported to the authorities for being vulnerable to extremism.

However, teaching unions have expressed concerns, saying that some children were being reported needlessly.

The report states:

In schools 1,041 children were referred last year to Channel, the deradicalisation programme; in 2012, the year it was extended nationally, only nine children were referred. In further education colleges there were 180 referrals, compared with five in 2012. Higher education institutions such as universities reported 76 students.

More at: Schools refer five children a day to steer them from terror

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  1. When I first read the Times headline I thought it meant all schools refer five children daily.  That would be a lot more than 1041 in a year.  
    A sense of proportion is needed – there were 8.4m children enrolled in state schools (Jan 2015 census, data for 2016 will not be released until 28 June).  1041 is a tiny, tiny proportion.

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