Schools in Paris to start swabbing students to check if they’re smoking cannabis

The Metro is reporting that students in Paris will soon have to submit to saliva drug tests in order to check whether they’ve been smoking pot.

The Île-de-France regional council approved the measure to allow swab tests in schools so that teachers can detect those students taking cannabis in school.

If and when they do, they’ll be able to carry out breathalyzer tests on the school premises.

According to Agnes Evren, the region’s vice-president, cannabis was ‘a major cause of school dropout, lack of motivation, concentration issues, and academic failure.’

Evren, who is also in charge of education, added: ‘Ten per cent of teens in the Île-de-France smoke more than one joint a day, a figure that has more than doubled in three years. We cannot remain powerless in the face of this scourge.”

The swab tests will reportedly be administered by medical departments in schools and the results will be treated as confidential….

Each school taking part in the scheme will have to employ an ‘addiction referrer’, who will spot potentially at-risk students, as well.

More at: Schools to start swabbing students to check if they’re smoking Cannabis in Paris

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