Schools and parents must work together to protect children online

Premier is reporting that England’s children’s commissioner says young people are left to ‘fend for themselves’ in the digital world.

Anne Longfield conducted a study which found many 12 to 15-year-old’s don’t understand some of the terms and conditions they’re signing up for on social media – and most 8 to 11-year-old’s don’t understand some of them.

None of the children they studied had a total understanding of the privacy rights they were giving away, when they tick conditions boxes online.

It’s led to the Commissioner recommending more lessons on the issue for young people, a rewrite of terms so they’re easier to understand, and a digital ombudsman who can mediate for children if they want certain posts or photos taken down.

Speaking on Premier’s News Hour, social media expert Dr Bex Lewis said adults must work together to help children navigate the world wide web.

“Parents can’t just say it’s the schools responsibility, they should be working together and looking at how we create a better world for everyone online and offline,” Dr Lewis said, “I was doing an online presentation for someone yesterday for youth workers and most of the data that I found was a couple of years out of date.

More at: Schools and parents must work together to protect children online

Do you agree that it needs to be a joint effort to help protect children online? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter. ~ Sophie

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  1. StaveHouseRuth

    SchoolsImprove Why are teachers held responsible for everything appertaining to parenthood these days apart from giving birth ?????

  2. mikeronlon

    The_little_pea SchoolsImprove in my previous school, we had a v poor turnout. Issues were getting worse every year

  3. nicscho

    The_little_pea SchoolsImprove Nail on head. Huge effort from schools, parents can’t be bothered. Until something goes wrong.. #eSafety

  4. lsrask

    nicscho The_little_pea SchoolsImprove see my link above on why parents don’t seem to care. As an esafety educator, it baffled me too.

  5. nicscho

    lsrask The_little_pea SchoolsImprove Thanks, I have shared with colleagues. Getting worse not better & we put time & effort into it!

  6. lsrask

    nicscho The_little_pea SchoolsImprove Maybe you can shape parts of my post into a “why you should come along” newsletter/note for parents

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