Schools Improvement Net – feedback and update

It’s been two weeks since I announced I was having to take a break from updating the site but it seems like an awful lot has happened.
First and foremost, can I say an enormous thank you to all the people who have sent me messages about the site. Whether by twitter, email or even in the post, I have been extremely moved by your kind comments and I appreciate every single one of them. Thank you for taking the time to contact me and sharing your thoughts, your feedback and your experiences of Schools Improvement Net – I am very proud of the fact it has been useful and that I have been able to make a contribution to the valuable work so many of you do. 
To those who enquired about my health, please be reassured that I am absolutely fine but I’m also aware enough to know that I couldn’t keep pushing things so hard for much longer without there being any consequences. 
Can I also express my thanks to those who offered help, payment for subscriptions or suggestions of how the site could keep going. The situation for me is that while many of these proposals sound sensible, the practicality of putting them into place is something I would really struggle with at the moment.
However, all might not be lost.
I have been approached by a number of well-respected organisations doing interesting things in education who have expressed an interest in possibly taking over the running of the site and who appear to have the internal resources to make it viable on a more sustainable footing. 
Nothing is agreed and I cannot make any promises other than I am trying my best to find a solution that works for all parties and means you can get the updates and emails back again as soon as possible.
Thanks again and I’ll keep you posted.
Thanks to @SDupp for the lovely cartoon!
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Site news - last update (at least for now)
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  1. Alan OSullivan

    Has made my week to read this update.

    All praise to Schools Improvement Net – it would be a great loss to the teaching profession if it disappeared as it is so beneficial to gain a daily, neutral, easy to track though richly informative news service .

  2. robinsonslater

    Tony, great to see this update, keeping educationist up to speed with education that at times seems to be a football match with goalposts constantly on the move.

  3. Jennifer McIntosh

    Really good to hear that you are ok. Schools Improvement daily updates are invaluable. Good luck for the future.

  4. Great to hear from you.  Loved the cartoon – I can relate to that.  There’s been a hole in my mornings since I stopped receiving your bulletins.

  5. ZRollinson

    I agree with all my colleagues schools improvement is invaluable and the item I rely on most. I do hope there is a way we can continue to hear from you Tony and thank you for creating such a valuable tool.

  6. ritaava

    I was so pleased to receive this email this morning! I’ve missed being able to read this bulletin over breakfast. Thank you for all your energy and commitment in putting these out and I really hope you are find a solution to enable this bulletin to continue.

  7. Grateful Deputy

    So very glad all might not be lost – I have really missed your bulletin – fingers crossed … I got really excited when I saw an e-mail from you in my inbox this morning!

  8. CR64

    My heart leapt with excitement to see the email this morning. Have really missed the morning read. So glad to hear you are well, and I would add my voice to the support for what you have achieved in helping to make our lives easy, albeit at some detriment to your own.
    I’m sure all of us would welcome this valuable resource to go forward in some way, hoping that you can either be part of it, or have the acknowledgment you deserve for being the creator.
    Many, many thanks.

  9. Kayti Selbie

    Thanks so much for the update.  I’m really missing keeping up with all the news so it would be fantastic if someone is able to take over.

    Keep looking after yourself!  Many thanks!

  10. tonyparkin

    Tony – as someone who plays casually at what you were doing so much more efficiently and effectively I quite understood your decision, knowing how long it takes to put together such coverage and analysis. Frankly the thing that surprised me was the nature of your operation… I didn’t dream for a minute it was a one-person operation alongside other work. You already had total respect… you then added awe to the mix. 
    Keeping your health (and sanity) is more important than anything. But it will indeed be great news if you also manage to preserve the site and postings that have been so impressive by any measure. Good luck, and come what may, you now at least know  just how much all your efforts were appreciated by so many in education over these years!

  11. Thanks for updating – certainly your briefings have been missed.
    As a communications advisor in the ed industry I know only too well the level of news and information that exists……daily. To have a digest of relevant stories is invaluable.
    Good to hear you’re well and hope that your potential solutions work out.

  12. Diva2801

    Thank you so much for what seems like promising news. I have missed your daily email so much and having to aggregate educational news for myself these last few days made me realise what a luxury you provided and would be so grateful for the service to be resumed.

  13. Moses

    thanks Tony
    I have also really missed the daily update and can’t believe you managed to do it for so long on your own!  Great to have the update and fingers crossed that the site may continue in some form.
    take care

  14. Randstad Liverpool

    Thanks for the update… we have definitely missed your morning emails in our office!  Take care and fingers crossed for the future!

  15. ImpetusPEF

    Thanks so much for the update – was truly excited to see a roundup in my inbox & news sounds promising – this has been the most valuable source of info & would love for it to continue if possible!

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