Schools’ hidden funding crisis: teachers take drastic action as cuts hit hard

The Guardian, in its election coverage, says education is facing a 12% cut in real terms, subjects are being axed, class sizes rising and job losses loom – but the parties are failing to address it…

As the general election campaign got under way, schools across the country were busy signing off their 2015 budgets, involving some of the most shocking cuts seen in years.

The three major parties have given slightly different versions of a commitment to protect education spending, but each pledge has its own caveat that will result in real-term cuts of up to 12%, a fact that none of the parties are talking about ahead of the election…

At the worst-affected schools, there will be – and have been – redundancies and job losses; elsewhere, GCSE and A-level courses are being scrapped, class sizes are growing, foreign trips are being cancelled and even photocopying is being rationed. Sixth-form teaching time is being pared to the bone, work experience placements stopped, enrichment activities dumped and cheaper, newly qualified teachers (NQTs) hired over more experienced – and therefore more expensive – candidates.

Another teacher at a different secondary school in South Yorkshire reported that colleagues were being asked to teach subjects they are not qualified in, and classroom assistants were being timetabled to teach as a cheap alternative to properly qualified supply teachers…


Not pleasant reading, but surely better discussed than ignored? 

I can understand the politicians not wanting to talk about this but am much more puzzled why the media having tried to hold them to account over the holes in their plans (the Guardian has been a noticeable exception).

How bad does it look where you are? Please share in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. wheelerofads

    SchoolsImprove None of the three major parties have convinced me over funding. Ukip/immigration/agreements with SNP taking the headlines.

  2. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove The squeeze will hit hard but politicians will never tell an entire story in case they lose votes. Cost cutting now priority

  3. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Many schools have been hiring “cheaper” staff for a few years, reducing curriculum & redundancies too. More cuts disastrous

  4. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Many of the cost cutting measures have been happening for years but schools able to make impact negligent. No more I fear

  5. Nor_edu

    andylutwyche SchoolsImprove yes- people not teaching their subjects and learning assistants taking classes is not new!

  6. @andylutwyche SchoolsImprove That’s right.  My school’s answer to balancing the books was to pay off teachers over 50 by offering early retirement.  That was 20 years ago.

    Then along came Labour and threw money at flagship academies.  This waste  increased considerably under Coalition – academy conversion, free schools, wasteful exam ‘reforms’.

  7. But academies can hire unqualified teachers, can’t they?  And they could always outsource their operation to a for-profit, pile ’em high, treat ’em cheap, education provider.

  8. sheilamouna

    SchoolsImprove and on top of the funding cuts we are still waiting for our payment for the FSM rashly given to all Y3-Y6, not good

  9. TeaLadyJune

    SchoolsImprove Meanwhile Gove’s been wasting money on his Free School vanity project for the last 5 years! No wonder he’s gone underground.

  10. ralph_tracey

    cllrtraceysl Teachers have gr8 pensions compared to others.We r lucky.Ageing population – NI / pension contribution needs to⤴️2 pay 4 this

  11. ralph_tracey

    cllrtraceysl Teachers have gr8 pensions compared to others.We r v lucky.Ageing population -employers’ contribution needs to ⤴️ 2 pay 4 this

  12. ralph_tracey

    cllrtraceysl SchoolsImprove Teachers work very hard. Ofsted needs reform – too data driven. More to it than results. Hugely rewarding job

  13. cllrtraceysl

    ralph_tracey SchoolsImprove SATS don’t take into account just an artificial date line of Jan. Cant expect Aug kid 2 b in same place

  14. cllrtraceysl

    ralph_tracey SchoolsImprove schools then can suffer if more post Jan births in year, seen happen at Poppy Rd

  15. cllrtraceysl

    ralph_tracey SchoolsImprove we need 2 go back 2 days when a school was a school not competing in league tables

  16. ralph_tracey

    cllrtraceysl SchoolsImprove Singapore has the best social mobility % in the world and the gov don’t publish league tables

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