Schools failing to tackle bullying and poor behaviour to be heavily punished by Ofsted

Schools that fail to deal with bullying and low-level classroom disruption are to be heavily punished by Ofsted under a major shakeup of its inspection criteria. The Independent reports.

A separate judgement focusing on the behaviour and attitudes of schoolchildren is set to be introduced by the watchdog after parents raised concerns about the scale of disruption.  

Under proposals for its new inspection framework, Ofsted will judge schools, colleges and nurseries on whether they have successfully created a disciplined environment free from bullying.

Sean Harford, Ofsted’s national director of education, says the changes for September will tackle a rise in low-level disruption – which includes mobile phone use, swinging on chairs and whispering. 

Schools are currently judged on “personal development, behaviour and welfare” of pupils, but Ofsted plans to bring in two separate judgements on “personal development” and “behaviour and attitudes”.

Mr Harford added: “We want to really update the profile of behaviour. It is my personal opinion that if every child behaved in school that the standards would rocket up.”

Luke Tryl, Ofsted’s director of corporate strategy, said that disruptive behaviour and bullying is the “number one” concern for parents when they look through school inspection reports.

Ofsted says shifting the emphasis away from performance data will actively discourage schools from trying to boost their results by keeping troublesome pupils off the books through “off-rolling”.

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  1. Anonymous

    Maybe punish the bullies, instead of the schools? Let schools actually dish out punishments, don’t say that rot about ‘bullies are the victims too’. Bring back the cane!

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