Schools facing ‘national crisis’ over teacher recruitment, headteachers’ leader warns

The Independent is reporting that a headteachers’ leader will tell Nicky Morgan this week that schools are in the grip of a “national crisis” over teacher recruitment.

Allan Foulds, the president of the Association of School and College Leaders – which represents secondary headteachers and college leaders – will warn the shortage of recruits is so severe it is jeopardising the Government’s drive to improve standards in schools.

In his address to his association’s annual conference on Friday Mr Foulds will draw attention to the shortage of recruits, the exodus of teachers from the profession, and the public spending squeeze which is making it difficult to attract candidates for almost every subject on the curriculum.

In an exclusive interview Mr Foulds, who is the headteacher of Cheltenham Bournside School and Sixth-Form Centre, a 1,700-pupil comprehensive in Gloucestershire, said: “I am under no illusion as to the impact this could have on schools.

“We are in the midst of a teacher supply crisis. I think it has the potential to jeopardise standards in schools.”

His comments come on the eve of an inquiry into the shortfall in teacher training recruits by the highly influential Commons Public Accounts Committee tomorrow…

“This is a really difficult issue that has to be grasped,” Mr Foulds said. The issue is most acutely felt in the core subjects [maths and science] but not exclusively.

“There are headteachers who are getting very few applications for vacancies or maybe no applications at all. It is very expensive for schools because they have to go through the expense of re-advertising vacancies. It is an extremely serious situation.”

Ministers insist that record numbers of recruits are seeking to join the profession…

More at: Schools facing ‘national crisis’ over teacher recruitment, headteachers’ leader warns


As ever, it is well worth reading the full article to get an idea of the full scale of the concerns expressed by Allan Foulds.

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  1. StephenG41HR

    cherrylkd SchoolsImprove More importantly, faced with such information the SoS sticks her fingers in her ears and shouts ‘la la la ‘

  2. oldcornc

    WilkieTong SchoolsImprove it already is! There’s is no “potential” involved. But until it hits London, nothing will be done.

  3. “It is disingenuous to suggest our approach is not working – despite the challenge of a competitive jobs market, the proportions of teachers with a top degree has grown faster than in the population as a whole and there are more teachers overall’, says the DfE.
    But the ‘more teachers overall’ is against the backdrop of more pupils overall.  And many of those teachers leave after just a few years.
    The DfE spokesperson has tried to deflect attention from actual numbers to the proportion with ‘top’ degrees.  It’s like saying the proportion of teachers who are bilingual has grown.  That tells us nothing about the actual number.

  4. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove I bet private schools are getting plenty of apps with the option to ignore DfE whims… Ministers still claim no crisis?

  5. j0_blogs

    SchoolsImprove been helping a prospective teacher plan a 45 min lesson to teach BEFORE getting an interview, that might put some people off

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