All schools ‘to face funding gap by 2020’

The BBC is reporting…

Every state school in England will see budget cuts before 2020, even after new funding plans are put into place, research suggests.

It finds even schools benefiting from the funding shake-up will see their gains wiped out by budget pressures.

EPI chairman David Laws said a new funding formula was long overdue.

But he added: “As our analysis shows, however, the government may receive little credit from schools for these reforms – as even the schools benefiting from the new formula have their gains completely wiped out by other funding pressures.”

The report says: “There are unlikely to be any schools in England which will avoid a real terms cut in per pupil funding by 2019-20, even in areas benefiting from the new formula.”

More at: All schools ‘to face funding gap by 2020’

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  1. Michelle Moss

    Personally . We cannot do this for the children with sen needs. They need support as much as any other student. . I’m my opinion the schools are top heavy SLT .. principle 3 deputy principles then you have head upper upper middle and lower . .teachers are stressed and over worked .

  2. Communityliaison

    School librarians everywhere should be worried. With no statutory protection in England coupled with ultra-traditional views of libraries i.e. they’re only for literacy and everything else is available on the internet, they will be the first to go. We’re hearing reports of this already from within the sector.

    I agree with the above post. With some schools having upwards of half a dozen senior managers: assistant head/deputy head/assistant deputy head/deputy assistant head maybe it’s time to remember that old adage about chiefs and indians.

    Teaching is no longer a vocation it’s now a money saving exercise. Continue to keep running it as a business and it will be bankrupt in no time.

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