Schools exclude 15 sex bullies a day (and 1 will be from a primary school)

The Daily Mail has obtained official figures from the DfE showing that fifteen children are excluded from school for sexual misconduct on average every day with at least one of these coming from a primary school. This is from the Daily Mail…

More than 3,000 children are excluded every year for offences including sexual bullying, sexual assaults and harassment.

The revelation comes amid increasing concern over the prevalence of ‘sexting’, when boys share explicit pictures of girls, often leaving the victims feeling suicidal.

Statistics from the Department for Education show that in 2009/10, there were 3,330 exclusions for sexual misconduct. In 2010/11, a further 3,030 children were excluded for the same reason.

The 6,000-plus cases cover lewd behaviour, sexual abuse, assault, bullying, daubing sexual graffiti, and sexual harassment.

The 2010/11 total includes 200 exclusions from primary schools: 190 suspensions and ten expulsions.

There have been warnings that the number of expulsions may only hint at the true scale of the problem.

England’s deputy children’s commissioner has told MPs that head teachers are reluctant to tackle sexual exploitation of children for fear of the message it will send out about their schools.

Sue Berelowitz said schools were not facing up to the fact that some bullying amounts to sexual violence.

There were 2,830 exclusions from secondary schools – 2,760 suspensions and 70 permanent.

A survey by the NSPCC last year found that 30 per cent of secondary school teachers and 11 per cent of primary teachers were aware of incidents of ‘sexually coercive’ behaviour by pupils towards classmates over the past year.

And Floella Benjamin, the former children’s presenter, warned of an ‘epidemic’ of violent online porn which is leading youngsters on a ‘seemingly unstoppable march into a moral wasteland’.

Baroness Benjamin, who sits as a Lib Dem peer, said girls were becoming increasingly sexualised while boys were treating them as little more than ‘sexual objects’.

Last night Claire Perry, the Prime Minister’s adviser on childhood, said: ‘These statistics on expulsions confirm the uneasy sense that many parents have; that our children are operating in an increasingly sexualised culture which is spilling over into the classroom.

‘We need to be aware of the problem and crack on with plans for family-friendly internet filters, clean wi-fi and improved adult content blocks on mobile phones, as the Government has promised.’

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