School’s board of governors sacked after teachers mark pupils’ work too generously

A school’s board of governors has been sacked after teachers were found to have hushed up falling standards by marking pupils’ work too generously. This is from the Telegraph…

Parents at Bradford Moor Primary had been impressed by their children’s performance in homework tasks but were later shocked to find out their work had not been monitored properly for years.

Ofsted inspectors discovered what was going on when they examined pupils’ written work and now have placed the school in special measures.

The inspectors condemned the school for giving “a misleading impression of standards” and said teachers’ marking criteria was too generous.

The entire board of governors has been sacked.

Christopher Keeler, who led the Ofsted inspection, said in his report: “Evidence from looking at the work in pupils’ books indicates that teachers’ assessments of what pupils can do are too generous, particularly in writing.

“This gives a misleading impression of standards to pupils and their parents.

“Some teachers lack the level of subject knowledge, experience and confidence required to teach either literacy or numeracy effectively.

“For too long the governing body has not monitored the quality of teaching and achievement effectively.

“Governors have relied too heavily on information given to them by the head teacher in the past and have not provided sufficient challenge and support to school leaders.”

Only two per cent of pupils at the primary school, situated in Bradford, speak English as their mother tongue.

Two years ago the school was held up as an example of successful multiracial education by Bradford council, which is Labour controlled.

However, since then parents have complained about declining standards and in February, they staged a protest over the scrapping of sets in favour of mixed-ability lessons.

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