Schools asking parents for ‘money via direct debit’ owing to cuts

The Guardian reports that schools are asking parents for money via direct debit or large one-off payments because of cuts to funding, a mother has said at a rally in central London.

Hundreds of parents, children and teachers took part in the demonstration on Sunday as part of the campaign, Fair Funding for All Schools.

Jo Yurky, co-founder of the campaign, said she was aware of schools that had asked parents if they would be willing to make monthly payments of £20 to £50 or a one-off payment of £250.

She said parents’ concerns were not directed at the schools, explaining: “Our issue is not with the schools for doing that. Our issue is: why is there a problem? This is not a sustainable way to fund our schools. There is clearly a financial problem in our schools. And this is not a long-term solution to that.”

Yurky earlier said: “Parents are deeply unhappy about the government’s failure to adequately address the funding crisis facing our schools. We want increased investment in our schools so that our young people have the skills and knowledge they need and so that our future economy can reach its full potential.”

A banner in Parliament Square, where the crowd gathered, carried the hashtag #schoolsjustwannahavefunds. It also included a message to the education secretary, Justine Greening: “Our schools are facing a financial crisis. Please act now to ensure that our schools have the funding they need to continue providing high quality education.”

Children held banners with messages such as, “Up with schools, down with cuts” and “(Theresa) May I have a future?”

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Is your school asking for contributions? How are the parents reacting? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin

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  1. Julie Cordiner

    How could you miss the biggest news story from yesterday – the announcement of more funding for schools? Still much to be revealed but I would have expected it to rate a mention!

  2. ‘Why is there a problem?’

    Because of the welfare/benefits culture that has become embedded in this country, and because immigration is putting too much strain on education, NHS etc.

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