Schools are banning kids from talking about their weekends

A councillor for Brighton and Hove Council has defended their controversial move to stop children from talking about what activities they did over the weekend or showing off their birthday presents. Heart reports.

The new idea, spearheaded by charity by Children North East, is being adopted the council as part of a programme called Poverty Proofing The School Day. 

The project works with city schools to help remove barriers for families that are struggling to cope financially in a bid to ensure no child misses out on opportunities and experiences at school.

Councillor Emma Daniel, Chair of the Neighbourhoods, Inclusion, Communities and Equalities Committee, told “No one is telling teachers what they can and cannot do. 

“I am happy to champion a project which is about researching, from a child’s perspective, how hard school can be if you are poor.”

The project provides headteachers with a toolkit on how to reduce stigma and remove barriers to learning, which they claim could increase the attendance rate of disadvantaged pupils as a result. 

The list of recommendations even specified caution around cardboard boxes, as ‘junk-modelling tasks’ could identify a poorer pupil as living off ‘own brand’ foods. 

The move has been slammed by critics who claim the move to ban kids from talking about their experiences is political correctness gone mad.

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Political correctness gone mad or should schools be looking for more ways of reducing the stigma of poverty? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin

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